Monday, 16 February 2009

Wrestling profile - likes and dislikes

Professional wrestling likes

So I like pro style wrestling - give and take - pro fantasy like in those days

I like erotic wrestling - using the moves to get in other hot - crotch to face - bear hug crotch to crotch -

I like pin wrestling and light submission wrestling as should be fun

competitive wrestling is ok up to a point as I have found past that point is not comfortable

favorite moves for X fights

fig four head lock,

head, body scissors,

crotch to face

over the knee,

back and front nelson,

face pinning

jackknife pins,

fig -4 head scissors,


headlock with boots

favourite x moves

used in X fights includes crotch to crotch,

ball and cock locks,

boots rub against balls,

boot worship,


bear hugs,


Gear likes

When it comes to gear I really like singlets, speedos, shorts socks, jeans and trainers, and boxing or wrestling boots, will also wrestle in leather gear and gloves

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