Sunday, 21 August 2016

kid Vicious match with hot Frank Daly

 Kid Vicious has  got a verbal beating at the BG headquarters by it's members about this looks etc.  I was not pleased with it as Kid Vicious to me knows how to wrestle and how to use the moves in an erotic and hot way.  to me he is one of the best and I wish he would pass on his tricks and moves to another BG young wrestler.

Vicious introduces Frankie to the ring. Frankie's eyes gleam with anticipation. Vicious drives Frankie to his knees and rudely pumps his crotch into the cute young rookie's face as a portent of things to come. Green though he may be, Frankie knows the real way to push a heel into breaking him down is to provoke him. Frankie does--bearhugging and pawing Vicious's pecs until Vicious drops him with a low blow.

  Vicious arches him over the ropes, "Yeah, that's really pretty," he pants before smashing his chest. Face sitting ensues, but another deliberately-provoking rally fails as the rookie is so hot both wrestlers can't hide their aching erections. More pain, more punishment--Frankie coaxes Vicious's boner out of his trunks; Vicious can't resist returning the favor, deep throating the rookie's rod as he stretches him over his knee. A 69, a knee-on-chest pin--the rookie blows his load, and his cock stays hard even after he's spent! Sitting on the gasping rookie's face, and Vicious explodes, too.

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