Saturday, 10 September 2016

my favourite BG east videos 1

 I cannot get away from the hot themes of these videos - Kayden kellor is like the hot sexy geeky guy that you want to dominate you - well me. his gear is hot and he has followed KV and kid leopard in the way he sexually dominates his prey. I would love to see more of the jobbers worshipping his boots boots and body more and also a leather look speedo with red socks with those hot boots. I would also like to see him cock fight his victims too like Kid vicious did.  I would also like to see Kayden dominate in leather gloves and chaps with is his boos and socks - he is my favourite recent BG wrestler.

TY alexander to me is not the best and hottest jobbers and I have spoke to him quite a bit. he is the hot jobber that I would surrender to. his pics on his own facebook page are hot but also exclusive in that we see pics not seen on other sites.

TY Alexander above

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