Monday, 3 October 2016

the story of Demolition Dave

the first time I saw him was in a grapevine magazine from years ago run at that time by Iain Scott.

I saw this hunk in a blue singlet with stripes on the side and blue boots and socks

this was an introduction to seeing other gay wrestlers who loved wrestling.

It was so hot and I loved it.  so it was good to see him on BG wrestling and I loved it.

his best wrestling came later with his match with the scottish guy and one other wrestling match that led to hot wanking etc.

his other hot match for me for the one with the slugger on bulldog wrestling where the part two was sizzling and hot including rubbing and more. which he had done more of that.

he must have wrestled just about everyone.  He still does it now and he is older

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